Trail Facts

Trails and Equipment

  • Groomed trails: approximately 900 km
  • Grooming equipment of the PEISA
    • 2017 John Deere 6175R Tractor with a 700 series Soucy Track System
    • 2017 John Deere 6175R Tractor with a 700 series Soucy Track System
    • 2017 John Deere 6175R Tractor with a 700 series Soucy Track System
    • 1994 Mogel Master 9.5 ft. Drag with a 2.5 ft. Hydraulic Wing
    • 2000 Mogel Master 9 ft. Drag with a Hydraulic Wing
    • 2011 Mogel Master 9.5 ft. Drag
    • 3- 10 ft. Box Drags
  • Grooming equipment of the Kensington Area Snowmobile Association
    • 2013 New Holland T7030 Tractor with a Soucy Track System
    • 2013 Mogel Master 10 ft. Drag
  • Grooming equipment of the Springside Snowmobile Club
    • 2001 Bombardier BR180
    • 2001 Mogel Master 10 ft. Drag

The main trail is the former rail line stretching from Tignish in the west to Elmira in the east of PEI known as Route 100. Some of the main groomed trails and spurs are:

  • Route 101 - Emerald to Borden (start of Confederation Bridge)
  • Route 102 - Winsloe to Charlottetown bypass highway
  • Route 103 -  Mt. Stewart to Georgetown
  • Route 104 -  Mt. Stewart to Murray Harbour
  • Route 105 -  Lake Verde to Stratford
  • Route 106 - Harmony Junction to downtown Souris
  • Route 201 - West Point Loop
  • Routes 206,208,306,308 - Kensington Area Snowmobile Association
  • Routes 209,213,301,401 -  Springside Snowmobile Club
  • Route 212 -  Northside Trail
  • Route 217, 219 -  Eastern Trails


Fuel, food and other services are available across the Island.

Cellular phone service is accessable across PEI with either Aliant/Bell, Rogers Wireless or Telus.

We have over 50 business partners who pay a yearly fee to be associated with our map and signage program.

Emergencies dial 911.


Prince Edward Island has a maritime climate which is extensively influenced by weather systems moving up the eastern seaboard of the United States. These systems track through the Bay of Fundy (which does not freeze during winter). If the system tracks north, rain results (from southern flow), if the system tracks south, snow results (from northern flow). The dividing line is the Kensington - Charlottetown area. This results in parts of the Island receiving snow, while other areas receive rain. Generally Western PEI, (Summerside - Tignish) has a higher snowfall than the rest of the Island. There is also a higher elevation area north of the Brookvale ski park, where snow may remain for up to a month longer then elsewhere in the province.

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