2011 Go Snowmobiling Ride

Posted:Monday 21st February 2011 13:42

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The manufactures felt if we could bring members of Government, members of different forms of media, and people from the business community that are not involved in snowmobiling together with manufacturer reps, dealers, snowmobile association board members and business people that are involved in snowmobiling and take them for a ride to experience something we all enjoy so much.  The ride is usually for 4 or 5 hours and there are many stops and discussions along the way.  We all know it is good to have government on side with our organization and for them to experience a ride and see what snowmobiling is really all about is very positive for us.  Also we all know how the media likes to portray negative stories about snowmobiling, for a change, they also get to see what it is all about, including the social aspect and the enjoyment of being in our great outdoors.
This year we sent out many invitations to these people and we were pleased that this was our most successful ride to date.  We had three Cabinet Ministers from government with us before we began our ride but unfortunately, Ronnie was unable to join us.  Our Minister of Tourism, Robert Vessey and Minister of Agriculture, George Webster (who is an avid snowmobiler and huge supporter) were able to ride with us.  Local MLA Alan McIsaac also joined us for our ride as he is a huge supporter and worked hard with us to deveolp the new trail in the Lake Verde area.  We had many people who work in government with us, especially ones that we work closely with like Leo Gill from Rails to Trails and he is the main man for our Confederation Trail.  His boss, Alan Maynard also joined us for the first time. From the Tourism department Mr. Kevin Jenkins was along for the first time.  The trail on PEI is huge for tourism in the summer and maybe there is potential for winter growth if we could get a few more winters like this.
From the media side of things I hope you might have heard Kirk Mackinnon from Ocean 100 or Colin Mckay from K-Rock 1055 as they joined us on the ride and sent back live reports from the trail and talked about ride for days on the air. This is the good kind of publicity we need.  Mary MacKay from the Guardian was also able to join us for the second year in a row and we all remember the great story she told about snowmobiling last year, two pages in the Guardian.  I am sure her story will be interesting again this year, once again positive feedback. CBC radio reporter Angela Walker was unable to join us for ride but did several interviews with riders and which were heard all morning on radio.  Brian Higgins from CBC television was also there before we left and did several interviews and took lots of footage of us leaving on the ride and even sat on the back seat of a sled with his camera for a short distance to get some actual riding footage.  The story that night on Compass was not as positive as it could have been as he brought the Kensington story into the news piece but the feedback from viewers was very positive.  Chris Chaisson from Marks Work Wearhouse also joined us as he is a non snowmobiler who may very easily be talked into joining us on a full time basis (I hope you dealers got his phone number).  Marks Work Wearhouse has become a sponsor at the National Level and we are entitled to benefits here as PEISA members.  Also Troy Mackenzie of Kwik Kopy printing who is also new to snowmobiling joined us on our ride and his company worked with us and the dealers to do the artwork on our new promotional trailer.
All the owners of our PEI dealerships joined which includes:  Brian Dennis, from Dennis Motors, Gary Dunning from ToyMaster Motorsports and Red Rock Polaris, and John Reddin from Team Reddin Powersports as well as Pat Hicks from Yamaha.  All the dealers and reps provided the machines for our guests to ride.   We here at the PEISA realize this could not happen without all their, support so thank-you fellas.  Most of the Board was able to take day off work and join us for the ride and they were there to answer any questions our guests had.  Also joining us were several members of the Warden Program and this was a very big benefit.  Also joining us were several members of the Snowmobile Association of Nova Scotia and thanks to their President Russell for joining us.  The actual ride consisted of traveling from Brackley to Mt.Stewart and on to Red's Corner for lunch and pictures.  We then traveled to Greenfield to visit the new clubhouse where several members were on site to greet everybody.  After a short visit, we traveled through the Vernon River area and on to the new trail in Lake Verde were once again we stopped for chatting and pictures.  By the time we got back to Brackley it was snowing pretty hard but it was hard to put a damper on a terrific day that was experienced by all.
A Big thank-you to all board members and groomer operators who worked hard to make sure the ride came off without any issues.  Check out all the pictures in our photo gallery.
PEISA President, Dale Hickox 

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