National Snowmobile Safety Week - January 16th - 22nd 2011

Posted:Sunday 16th January 2011 06:18

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The PEI Snowmobile Association & CCSO Promote Safe Family Riding and Smart Choices 

(Thunder Bay, ON January 14, 2011) – The PEI Snowmobile Association and the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO) advise snowmobilers to become Safe Riders by arriving home safely after every ride. “Ride Safe Today, So You Can Ride Again Tomorrow”. National Snowmobile Safety Week is a great opportunity for Safe Riders to commit to making smart choices in their sledding behaviours by placing a greater focus on their own personal safety and the well being of others.

Like other motorized recreation activities, snowmobiling poses certain inherent risks: it takes place off-road in an unpredictable and uncontrollable natural setting, so each Safe Rider has the personal responsibility to always expect the unexpected and avoid unnecessary risks. Most snowmobiling-related incidents are preventable by making these smart choices.
Take It Easy: To avoid getting into trouble, Safe Riders take it easy on every ride by always obeying the law. Each Safe Rider snowmobiles with care and control, within their ability and according to current trail and weather conditions.  
Ride 100% Alcohol Free: Safe Riders know that sledding and alcohol don’t mix and avoid drinking until after they have arrived safely at their overnight destination and their sleds are put away.
Stay on the Trail: Organized snowmobiling provides designated trails that are opened, marked, mapped maintained and patrolled for snowmobilers’ safety and enjoyment, so by avoiding closed trails or riding off-trail on roads, lakes, unfamiliar terrain and private property, riders can greatly reduce their risk of getting into trouble. 75% of all incidents happen off trail.
Beware of Ice: The rule for ice is “Know Before You Go”. Hypothermia, riding into open water or falling through the ice are life-threatening risks, as are collisions with fixed objects such as docks, ice huts or shorelines.
Slow Down at Night: Darkness reduces visibility and alters perceptions, so riders must ride even more cautiously at night and never outrun their sled headlights.
Be Prepared: Snowmobiling can occur far away from emergency assistance, so Safe Riders must be prepared for self-help by carrying a tool kit, spare parts, flashlight, first-aid kit and survival items such as high-energy food, fire-starting equipment and a compass.
Ride with Companions: Safe Riders never snowmobile alone. Riding buddies can provide immediate assistance when getting stuck or during breakdown or emergency situations.
With a mission statement of being "Dedicated to providing leadership and support of safe, organized and environmentally responsible snowmobiling in Canada", the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations is the national body serving as the umbrella group for this country’s snowmobiling associations and federations.

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