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Posted:Friday 24th December 2010 21:06

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Well it's that time of the year again when Santa's visit is getting closer and we are all on our best behavior and I feel pretty confident I know what all snowmobilers are looking for on Christmas morning--- SNOW SNOW SNOW!!!!! and lots of it.  The weather this week sure sucks, and it looks like a GREEN CHRISTMAS, but there has been no snow at this time of year before and we still had successful seasons.  In 2001 it was a green Christmas and when the snow finally came it was good sledding till the last week of APRIL, so always be optimistic and it will come.

It has been a busy year for those on PEISA board as we prepare for the upcoming season, I look back at last season and recall the success of a couple of new ventures. First the VINTAGE program was a huge hit and we received lots of positive feedback on this program and it continues this year with those sleds 1994 and older eligible. This program took a lot of old sleds out of the buildings and on the trails and people enjoyed the experience and some are now buying newer sleds.  The full time warden program also worked well as there were over 800 sleds checked last year and the program will continue this year and I expect to see even more sleds checked and at the recent Warden Program meeting their seems to be some new people interested in working with the program. So if you are going to ride the terrific trail system on PEI you better have your pass. Speaking of passes there has been a few calls about keeping passes at $150.00, all season. This will not work because if everybody waited till we had snow how would we pay equipment bills, insurance bills and all of the overhead it takes to run the Association.  Would you wait for a fire on your house to put insurance on or a car accident to put insurance on.  We offer the trail pass for early buyers at $75.00 less than regular price and this offer ends Dec 31st of each year. 

The recent Springside and Kensington Clubs snowmobile draws were both a huge success and congrats to those who won prizes and for those of us who went home empty handed better luck next year!!!  Those draws are very important to those clubs and I am sure they don't mind me saying thank-you to all those who support their draws including ticket buyers and firms who donate the various prizes and especially the dealers for all their support.  Speaking of our dealers and they include DENNIS MOTORS, REDDINS POWERSPORTS, RED ROCK POLARIS, and TOYMASTER MOTOR SPORTS.  I would personally like to thank them for all their help in any function we ask them, from sleds for parades to sleds for GO SNOWMOBILING RIDES for politicans and members of the media as we try our best to promote snowmobiling on PEI.  Several members of the board recently met with the dealers and we will soon be announcing an exciting joint project with them to promote snowmobiling on PEI.  So always remember to support our local dealers when making any purchases from oil to new sleds because just think what snowmobiling would be like here if we did not have them here to support us snowmobilers.  So again thanks Brian, Gary and John.

If you noticed on our website we have a new spot were you can click and bring up Member Benefits.  Besides the groomed trails and volunteers working for you we have three new sponsors who have come on at the National level.  Marks Work Wearhouse will soon be announcing a program that all PEISA permit holders will be able to receive discounts on many products.  Choice Hotels also offers 15-20% off online bookings at their entire group of different hotels.  It is a great saving for those who travel and it is for year-round travel, not just winter.  The Habervision is also a great offer with up to 50% discounts on their products.  The Marks offers will be available at both Charlottetown and Summerside stores.

There is some excitment in the Central area of the trail system as there has been some effort to have a new trail system from the Colville Road area up through Oyster Bed and Tracadie areas and coming back on the railbed in the Suffock area.  Most of the land consent forms have been signed by private land owners and some heavy bridge materials have been made available for one section of this trail.  With the weather this fall it has been tough to get out and mark trails and trim trees as you do not want to be tearing farmers fields apart in these soft conditions.  Earl Hambly, Duey Pratt, and Daryl Lewis have been the driving force behind this venture and they call themselves the MILTON SNOW BUNNIES and can use any help when the ground freezes or snow comes first.

With the addition last year of the new Soucey Track system groomer it was our first equipment update in 10 years and we hope to be able to update the next time sooner than that.  Though last year was poor for snow conditions the response with the new groomer was positive and this equipment is less money than traditional groomers and are becoming more popular all the time.

Big news down in the eastern end of the province at the Greenfield Club.  The boys and gals down their are just about finished the construction of a new club house.  It was built with the cooperation and effort of members and others from the community. It is located just a short distance from the original club and is a must when riding down east to stop and get warm and meet other snowmobilers.

With the Christmas season upon us and hopefully snowmobile season I would like to personally thank all those people who sit on the PEISA board and who volunteer their time to help make snowmobiling on PEI one of the best run volunteer organizations around.  The passion these people have for our sport is what makes our groomed and marked trails such a great experience.  I would also like to thank all of the other volunteers who help all the different areas like Kensington, Springside and Greenfield Clubs who also do lots of trail work on our behalf.  When your on the trail this winter and you meet the groomer give a big wave and thanks for the operators who work all hours of the day or night for us to enjoy, not a pleasant experience fixing a groomer track at 3am in -20 temperatures.

In closing I would like to wish everyone and their families a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a SAFE and ENJOYABLE SLEDDING SEASON. May the snow soon fall!!!!



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