Gisele Remillard Leaves WOW (2008)

Posted:Sunday 24th January 2010 14:00

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January 21, 2008

Dear WOW Relay Participants and Sponsors,

After considerable thought and reflection, I have decided to leave Polaris Industries to pursue a new employment opportunity. This decision was made all the more difficult not knowing if I would be allowed to continue on as the National Ride Coordinator for the WOW Relay.

I have offered to continue my services to Polaris Industries as the National Ride Coordinator, but am unsure how my departure will affect their decision. Discussion is taking place within Polaris as to if and when the next WOW Relay will take place.

As you know the WOW Relay was postponed until 2009 and a month ago I received an e-mail stating that discussion was taking place again on a final confirmation for 2009. The moment should I hear something I will be in contact with you.

It is possible they may wish to proceed with another member of the Polaris staff as National Coordinator if they have any volunteers. I will respect their wishes and offer my support in any way I can. Regardless of what decisions are made, I have wonderful memories and am very proud of the very important goals we accomplished together.

It is amazing what a community can accomplish when they pool their resources, determination and their willingness to make a difference. I thank you for your participation, generosity and hard work over the years in raising funds for breast cancer research; so far $800,000 has been raised through the WOW Relay.

Since the last WOW Relay took place in 2006, some of our team members have had a recurrence or a new diagnosis of breast cancer. Thanks to the strides they have made in breast cancer research and treatments, they have a great chance at a full recovery. Once again, thank you for all your support. I have included my new contact information for those of you who have any questions or wish to keep in touch.

I will keep you updated if I hear any more news on the future of the WOW Relay.

Gisele Remillard
National Ride Coordinator

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