PEISA Announces Full-Time Trail Wardens

Posted:Friday 22nd January 2010 18:10

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The Prince Edward Island Snowmobile Association Announces a full-time Warden Program to monitor trails this winter.

CHARLOTTETOWN, December 29, 2009 -- The Prince Edward Island Snowmobile Association is excited to announce the creation of a full-time trail Warden Program, to work closely with the very successful volunteer program that is now in place.

PEISA president, Dale Hickox, said this program was about two years in the making and he expects to see much higher compliance on the trails. He went on to say that "numbers of permit sales have been declining and our membership is asking for a more available trail monitoring system". Many of the permit buyers are getting fed up with those freeloaders who ride the trail system for free. Mr. Hickox went on to say the wardens wound be covering the Island from tip to tip this winter. The trail wardens have the ability to issue tickets for no registration, no permit as well as other infractions. "We have a wonderful trail system here on PEI and it costs thousands of dollars to keep the machinery moving to make sure our members enjoy high quality trails,” said Hickox. The only source to keep the money flowing is a user pay system, similar to all snowmobiling areas in Canada and the USA.

The PEISA has three groomers, which do all the grooming on the Confederation Trail, as well there are two local clubs in the Cornwall and Kensington areas that groom private and crown land. There are 600 kms of groomed trails on PEI, leading through different communities with snowmobilers supporting local restaurants and gas stations during the winter months. It has been close to 15 years that the volunteer trail warden program has been operating on Prince Edward Island and many provinces across Canada have taken our model and incorporated it into their own programs. The volunteer warden program has been a tremendous asset to the Association and this season with more wardens patrolling during daytime and weekday hours, both programs will compliment each other. Mr. Hickox went on to say "the hiring of full-time wardens is going to be a big boost for snowmobiling on PEI". For more information contact Dale Hickox, President, Prince Edward Island Snowmobile Association, telephone: 902 629-5008 or e-mail: .

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