Summerside By-Pass Trail Signed and Open

Posted:Friday 22nd January 2010 18:04

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Ben Cairns of Summerside

KENSINGTON -- The PEISA reports that the Summerside by-pass trail has been opened and signed, with the exception of some electric fences, that will be removed on or before the first snow fall.

The PEISA would like to thank Ben Cairns of Summerside who met with the landowners and arranged to have the trail routed and signed to suit. Ben also assisted Stewart Brookins and put up a number of new trail signs as required on the by pass trail.

The PEISA will also look into getting a culvert installed on the east side of the trail crossing on Granville Street as there is some wet land at this spot.

Finally, Trail Warden Markham Long will be returning to the PEISA trail warden program, after completing a Police sicence program at the Atlantic Police Acadamy, and completing 12 weeks of on the job training with the Charlottetown city police. Welcome back Markham. A trail warden meeting will be scheduled for mid December.

Stewart Brookins for the PEISA

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