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Posted:Friday 22nd January 2010 18:01

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KENSINGTON -- The new Vintage Permit is a Prince Edward Island Snowmobile Association initiative intended to increase trail riding among owners of antique sleds and participation among families whose older snowmobiles may have previously been inactive.

The Vintage Permit is only for sleds that are model year 1993 or older, at a fee of $50 for Full Season Permit. The vintage permit is available at Access PEI sites only and the machine must be registered.

"The vintage permit encourages families to register their old machines and hit the trails", states PEISA president Dale Hickox. "We know that there are a lot of older machines that are not used a lot but still snowmobilers would like to take them on the trail."

The 2010 PEISA Snowmobile Trail Permits are now available through all Access PEI sites and at the following snowmobile dealers:

  • Red Rock Polaris, North River
  • Team Reddin Powersports, Stratford
  • Toy Master Motor Sports, Winsloe
  • Dennis Motors, Ellerslie

The 2009-2010 trail permit fees are:

  • Full Season Permit - Pre-Season Fee - On or before December 31, 2009: $150
  • Full Season Permit - Regular Fee - After January 1, 2010: $225
  • Three-Day Permit: $50
  • Vintage Permit (full season): $50 (sleds from 1993 or older)

If more than two trail permits are bought for one household, the PEISA will reimburse the cost of trail permits for the 3rd and subsequent trail permit purchased.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


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