President's Report December 2013

Posted:Friday 27th December 2013 02:24

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Presidents Report Dec 2013

Well it certainly is a great gift Santa brought us early this year. SNOW IN DECEMBER not sure how many years it has been but at least four or five since we had a white Christmas. We can only hope that this will be a good winter for sledding as we all deserve it after the past couple of years. As I write this the long range forecast is even looking good so you never know we may end with one of those old fashioned winters we all talk about.

There have been many things happening at the PEISA since the snow left us in late March, some very exciting and one not so much. I think we will start with the positives, which are that the PEISA will have two new groomers joining our fleet this winter, as the Western region of the Island has new Tractor and Soucy system to work with as this should please Larry and Richard as both of those men work very hard in that area to make snowmobiling a great experience for all. From doing all of the trail marking and signing on the West Point Loop to doing all the grooming in their area, these two men spend endless hours making everything work. Happy for them that they are going to have a new piece of equipment to work with this winter.

Also pleased to announce that Kensington (KASA) has also purchased a new tractor and Soucy system and I am sure that Donald, Barrett, and everyone else will be happy to show off their new equipment and welcome everyone up to enjoy some of the finest trails on PEI. That gives us four of these style groomers here on PEI and they appear to be working out very well.

Another exciting thing happening is the printing of a new map for our trail system. Unfortunately with all the work involved in preparation it will not be going to printers until early January, but it will be available at many snowmobiler destinations. You will see different route numbers on the map and each grooming area is done in a different color, There are 52 different businesses that bought in to our project all across PEI, and I ask all snowmobilers to support them as they have supported us. In your travels this winter you will be seeing some different signs which are meant to make it easier to discover our Island on this Creation of our Nation Year. You will see large Route markers as well as business signs indicating what they do and where they are located. All of these signs are the standard blue 6” x 24” signs. It will take some time to get them all up and installed but they will be a huge help.

As you all may have seen on the website, the tab for 2014 Celebration Ride is going to be a big event for us here. There are going to be snowmobilers coming from all over Canada as well as some from the USA to take part in a three day ride over the entire province. Snowmobiler Television as well as Snow Goer magazine are going to be participating and doing stories and television shows on our trail system. For anyone who is interested feel free to sign up and join us for the three day ride.

With a few good positives has to come a negative which unfortunately for all of us means we have to dig deeper in our wallets to pay for the” HST” which now has to be added to the cost of each permit sold. There is nothing we can do about it as it is just part of being a Prince Edward Island resident.

As I write this at this time of year I am reminded that there are many “THANK YOU’S” that must be handed out. First to all four of the dealers, who are always willing to give us help when ever we ask from snowmobiles for “Go Snowmobiling Rides” to support for parades, to promoting our posters, selling our permits, and always there for prizes at dinner draws, or for poker run causes. Again thanks to Brian, Gary, John and Neil for all your support.

Also would like to say a special thank-you to Arctic Cat and Toymaster for their generous donation of a new snowmobile for the season to the PEISA. This is the third year in a row that they have done this, so thanks goes to Arctic Cat rep Chris Thebeau and Gary Dunning from Toymaster.

Next I would like to thank the many volunteers who go and mark trails, trim trees, contact businesses for support, sell tickets for fund raising and help make the PEISA the strong volunteer organization it is. Also the groomer operators who spend many many hours running up and down our trails at all times of the day and night.

Finally I can not thank the board of directors of the PEISA enough for all their time and patience,(dealing with me). There is a lot of work involved in keeping this organization working to make snowmobiling as good as it can be here on PEI. There are many board meetings to attend each year as well as committee meetings, and they all do it for the love of snowmobiling . I should also thank Cathy as she has been around the PEISA for many years as our administrator and looks after the day to day dealings of our organization.

In closing I would just like to wish all PEI snowmobilers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Always remember to ride safe and show your trail permit with pride because “OHHH WHAT FUN IT IS TOO RIDE!!!!!!


Dale Hickox

President Prince Edward Island Snowmobile Association


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